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  • Secure website using 256 bit AES encryption.
  • How many times in a day do you try and remember a password? What if you had to remember only one password?
  • Your own personal Bucket List!
  • Write down your personal wishes & ideas for your executor – funeral songs, burial wishes etc....
  • Have you ever lost documents during a flood or fire? Use the website for online storage of personal documents such as Insurance & Travel documents, Grandma's precious recipes. (Coming soon will be capability to store Photos)
  • Important information in case you ‘Kick The Bucket’ – location of your Will, Super and Life Insurance policies?
  • Incentive policy to earn back your membership cost!


Kickthebucketlist.com is your one stop solution to these daily dramas.

It's a secure vault for your personal information for you & your executor, storage of crucial documents & passwords and your own Bucket List.
Find out how it works.

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